Terms of Service

Why see my Instagram's photos on this App?

PhotoSearch.tv is an Instagram photo viewer

This Web-App uses Instagram API to fetch user generated photos from Instagram. Photos are not physically stored on our server, they are stored on Instagram's servers and only displayed on this App: https://instagram.com/developer/

Your content is public?

All the data fetched from Instagram is public data. That means that anyone can display it anywhere. If you do not want that "Instagram" let this you make your account private. By default photos of any user on Instagram are public, but anyone can make them private. Once user makes their photos private they became visible to their friends only, the profile of that user becomes invisible to non signed in users and only people user approves will be able to view his photos.

Users are generating photos and are the owners

Users are free to upload photos to their Instagram account by following Instagram's Terms Of Use. They are the owners of their photos and entirely responsible for them.

Photo copyright

Since users are responsible for theire photos they must not violate copyright of the photos they upload.

If you find any of the photos here on this App violating any of the copyrights, please do not send us complaint. We do not own the photos, users do. We do not host the photos, Instagram does. We do not copy or store photos, we only display them. Any actions on photos, such as deleting or hidding them as private, taken by users or Instagram itself will instantly affect photo displaying here on this App.

Please read this documents

Instagram's Terms Of Use: http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/

Please read full Privacy and Cookie Policy document on WebSyrup.net


Contacting Us
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